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Dec 2020

I spent England's second lockdown people watching around London and drawing what I found. This has become an anthropological study and archival piece about how people have adapted to the new normal.

The Nose Over the Mask

Man at Charing Cross station with his nose peaking out of his mask.

Pink Scarf Girl

Girl walking through Shoreditch high street brightening up everyone's days with her bright colours.

Dog Fashion

Forget fashion week, the park is now a hub for the new sensation.... Dog Fashion. With hundreds of dogs sporting their best coats.

Denim Girl

Girl walking through Hampstead Heath wearing double denim.

Nature Watching

Couple in Hampstead Heath using their one walk a day to bird watch.

"Watch the dog"

A younger brother animatedly telling his elder about a really cool story he had come up with while their mum gets coffee.

Notting Hill

This guy was not only in Notting Hill, but also looked a bit like Hugh Grant.

Colourful Lady

This lady was on Oxford street and paired pink leggings with sparkly wellies.

Rushing in Style

This woman was in real hurry to get somewhere fancy I think.

I Will Survive

This man was performing in Notting Hill his rendition of I will survive. Every word had been changed to be corona virus related and the crowd were loving it. I've had it in my head for the past 3 days.

Graceland Ladies

On the Northern Line having a loud conversation of all the fun they're going to have together after corona virus.


Middle aged man skating in circles in Shoreditch. Passing the time in lockdown.

Masks on chins!

Couple walking with matching home made masks on chins. The new fashion craze of lockdown.

Christmas Dog

This grumpy looking dog didn't seem as happy as his owner did with his Christmas jumper... and scrunchy.

Co-ordinate with your dog

This man was so stylish, he had co-ordinated his outfit with his dog who had a coat with a fur trimmed hood.

First Saturday with Pubs Open

Extremely drunk woman resting on the steps of covent Garden Station. Her friend calling for someone to help them get home.

Awkward Tube Journey

If you are forced to sit next to someone on the tube, point your legs in opposite directions and don't make eye contact. It stops the spread.

Glasses Over the Mask 2

I have spotted many people wearing their glasses over their masks.


A very overwhelmed mum trying to keep her distracted kids together while doing a weekly shop.

Glasses Over Mask 1

Glasses over masks while trying to read the Waitrose labels.

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 16.49.14

Pink hair and purple outfit, I am here for it.

Good Dog

Dog getting a lot of love from it's owners while waiting outside PRET for their coffee.


Man in Notting Hill playing the bongos the closest thing to an outdoor concert these days.

Teddy Bear Baby

Man walking with his baby in a teddy bear one piece. Very cute.


Couple on a walk in the park with their three dogs. All with matching jackets.

Christmas Tree

Couple taking a break from lugging their Christmas tree up the street. Boyfriend doesn't look too happy.

Khaki Jackets

Three friends having a socially distanced catch up outside. All wearing matching khaki jackets, unintentional I think.

Market Men

Very smartly dressed men hanging out at the market.

Dancing in the Street

These ladies were line dancing in the street in Notting Hill. A crowd formed including me. When the clubs are closed, you bring the dance to the street I guess!


Woman on her way back from her shopping trip.

I'm not sick I promise

Woman trying to blow her nose as discreetly as possible as now it is socially unacceptable to show signs of illness in public.

Electric Scooter

Find a new means of transportation when public transport isn't safe. I have seen a rise in electric scooter travel.

Camo Guy

I liked this guys style.

Fishing Guys

This man and his friend fished in a Hampstead Heath pond every morning. They set up tents and everything.

Face Shield

Man eating lunch outside with his friends trying to manoeuvre his baguette around his face shield.

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