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Dec 2020

The Buddy is a storybook that educates children under ten about Autism. It simplifies the complicated disorder into six coloured personality traits that make up the autistic spectrum. These colours are shown in the fictional and friendly character The Buddy who personifies a person’s autism. Daniel and Katy, the main characters, both have autism and therefore both have Buddy’s. However, their Buddies have different colours (different traits) visualising to the reader that autism is unique to each individual. The Buddies are invisible to the other children at school which mirrors the fact that autism is an invisible disorder. In the narrative, both children run into situations that their autism struggles to handle. As a resolution, they meet each other and find that they both have Buddies. Together they realise that they are similar but different.

Final screenprinted book

Click through for PDF spreads of the final publication:


Final pdf spreads

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